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Product Review: ATH Sports Nutrition – 31 Muscle Recovery

(Note: This article was originally published 2013 August 23 on my BJJ Blog. The article below, however, is slightly modified from the original.) This Product Review is for ATH Sports…

Inside the Inverted with Kristina Barlaan: Passing

Here is the last installment in the series! Kristina Barlaan demonstrates how to pass the inverted guard using either the leg drag or leque (pronounced leh-kee and meaning “fan” in…

Video: Dan Lukehart Teaches High Mount Escape

Dan Lukehart is a BJJ Brown Belt with an extensive series of instructionals on youtube. Gaining a following and being an avid Roger Gracie follower himself, the name “TrumpetDan” should…

Inside the Inverted with Kristina Barlaan: Taking the Back

Here is the 5th video in the series! Check out how Kristina Barlaan takes the back from inverted guard!

Inside the Inverted with Kristina Barlaan: Sweep From Inverted

Here is the 4th video in the series where Kristina shows us how we can sweep from the inverted guard. Enjoy!