Product Review: ATH Sports Nutrition – 31 Muscle Recovery

(Note: This article was originally published 2013 August 23 on my BJJ Blog. The article below, however, is slightly modified from the original.)

This Product Review is for ATH Sports Nutrition’s 31 Muscle Recovery. I did a Product Review of this same product (check out the article HERE), but of only 2 flavors. This time, I was given the opportunity to try another flavor: All Natural Cocoa. Here are my thoughts:

Watch the video HERE.

For those of you who cannot/don’t feel like watching the video, here is my review in a nutshell:

Here is my Review:
(Scores are out of 5 Stars: 5 = Best, 1 = Poor)

Taste: *****

“Bottle Mix-Ability”: *****
No lumps!

Performance: *****
Works great with no side-effects.

Cost: ***1/2
If you have the money, then it’s worth a try.

Final Verdict: RECOMMENDED

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